Anyone else operationalize #federatedlearning in the #maritimesector today?

If so, let us know… we love to #connect.
If not, let us know… we love to #connect.

Hitting our second #milestone with #XplorationCrewSupport.
👉Anomaly detection model on seawater pumps distributed and learning on different (local) databases. For the next months we will be finalizing the aggregation and the ‘how to use me file’ for future members of our inclusive federation #infrastructure;
👉Upgrading our physical pump performance prediction model with additional simulated and real data, adding a LSTM-model and validating it in our common #garage;
👉Proceeding with an anomoly detection model for engines;
👉Xploring our unique governance structure by testing our manifest, membership agreement, (shared) value model and license for extracting stand-alone profits;
👉This was #fun! Let’s keep #Xploring.

Many thanks to fellow #Xplorers – Diarmuid Kelly Marco André Wedemeyer Ignacio Q. Maaike Teunisse Floyd Alfonso Nikolaos Sakellaridis Wieger Tiddens Ronald van der Hout Roel Karstens Edo van der Velde Paul Jacob Bins Dominique Nieuwpoort – van ‘t Hof Arie Schaap Matthijs Richelle Dirk Holmen Rutger Blaauw Florian Stark

Thanks for the support – Koninklijke Marine Damen Stolt-Nielsen Limited Van Oord BranchKey Industrial Analytics IA GmbH

#Milestone number 2 #XplorationCoastline – on time and on track!

Xploration Crew Support is about building and facilitating a sovereign #federatedlearning data infrastructure to reduce crew workload, optimize maintenance efficiency and enhance operational readiness.

Two models to test the #MVP of our infrastructure:

Model 1 – provides performance over time of a seawater pumps
Model 2 – detects anomalies in seawater pump performance

Both models will be provided with a ‘how to use me file’ to enable federated learning (algorithm-2-data transfer) within our infrastructure. This way more data and/or failures are provided to expedite #machinelearning of the model. This increases the accuracy of the model in a significantly shorter timeframe.

Interested to join in as a researcher, data scientist, ship-owner of ship-supplier? Let us know!

Xploration Crew Support’s governance structure is inclusive and open. Just bring the right attitude – because we’re on a mission!

Let’s do this…

Thanks for the support: Koninklijke Marine, Van Oord, Damen, Stolt-Nielsen Limited, Vessel Performance Centre, BranchKey, OceansX

But it’s the #Xplorers that make the trust, collaboration and impact real – thanks for being you.

Great deep dive with members of #XplorationCrewSupport – driving a sovereign federated learning infrastructure in the #maritimesector!

We are crushing it… love the #trust, #connection and #focus!

Sensors, data, algorithms and federated learning are able to provide workload reductions, enhance sustainability and trigger new business cases.

Engaging the crew remains crucial. At the fore-end to enrich the data-set by logging routine incidents and at the back-end changing their attitude and behaviour based on #ML feedback.

So let’s not forget the soft stuff! #OceansX – everything has a limit, except human potential.

Interested how we are working towards our 2nd Xploration milestone?
Interested to join as ship-owner, ship-supplier or AI-specialist?

Shout out!

Stolt Tankers Van Oord Damen Koninklijke Marine
Matthijs Richelle Arie Schaap Floyd Alfonso Edo van der Velde Marco André Wedemeyer Diarmuid Kelly Wieger Tiddens Paul Jacob Bins Rutger Blaauw Dirk Holmen Dominique Nieuwpoort – van ‘t Hof Tom Busse Nikolaos Sakellaridis

#XplorationCrewSupport has departed! What a great crew…

This #Xploration is all about building, maintaining and operating an inclusive, sovereign and secure #federatedlearning maritime data-infrastructure. So that we can generate more maritime models (algorithms) together, diversify machine-learning opportunities and unleash our collective (maritime) data-scientist #potential. To optimize crew efficiency, maintenance and sustainability for a future proof #maritimesector.

Looking forward to Xploring together Koninklijke Marine Damen Stolt-Nielsen Limited Van Oord OceansX BranchKey

Congratulations Luuk Jungerhans Guus van Leeuwen Joost Blommaert Izja Carsouw! Great and humble presentation of your journey together.

With little guidance you Xplored yourself and your world to kick-off the #community engagement of #XplorationCoastline #Livinglab at #RDMCampus #Aquadock. Job well done and a deserved appreciation of your fellow classmates.

Once an Xplorer always an Xplorer… so see you around!

Many thanks to Monique van der Drift Ivar Kappert Patrick Tit and Jan Willem Faessen for making this happen!

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