Just awesome! On 15th of June 2023 we opened your Living Lab of  Xploration Coastline.

Xplore the #power2water value chain and participate as student, entrepreneur, scientist or policymaker! #EveryoneanXplorer

This inclusive open innovation lab will enable a permanent influx of new ideas, technology and connections.

The living lab operates in support of Xploration Coastline. A concept that produces 1.000.000 liters of portable water every 24 hours from seawater for coastal regions and their livelihoods. The installation is automonously operated from a mobile maritime modular microgrid and is powered by clean energy sources.

Xploration Coastline is an insurance for effective, efficient and sustainable human relief operations. But there is more – the unique social governance of the concept enables SIDS to locally integrate the asset, outside these emergency operations, to support agriculture and resilience.

See also: https://sdgs.un.org/partnerships/xploration-coastline-curacao

Xploration Coastline is one of the Xplorations of #OceansX.

Almost ready for the demo day Living Lab Xploration Coastline on June 15, 2023.

Finished the demo container at Neptune Marine today. Transport to RDM Rotterdam this week.

The demo unit will be put into use at the Aqua Dock to produce fresh water from the Maas during the Xploration Coastline demo day 0-15 June.

Xplore Our Future just come and watch Berend van de Kraats Patrick Tit Monique van der Drift Robert Monteban Jack Zwirs Bart Friso Willem Buijs Joep van Leeuwen Carel Andriessen Jouke Goslinga Ferdi Bakker Verena Ohms, MBA, PhD Raymond Hoogendoorn Helen Van Willenswaard Tina van de Vooren Yasmien Van Der Valk @Guido Blankenstijn Rowan van der Zanden Lodewijk Voorhoeve Erwin de Mos Ad Oosterman Christian Millenaar Lukas Blom Celine Teheux

Wow! Things are going fast now with the Living Lab Xploration Coastline in Hardinxveld at Neptune Marine with Patrick Tit, Jeroen Klijn from Stout Pijpleiding B.V. and Robert Monteban of Hatenboer-Water.
The RO unit of the navy built into a self-supporting 20-foot container with solar power.
On June 15, we will have drinking water from the Maas on the RDM at the Aquadock. In OceansX’s demo project for Xploration Coastline, we demonstrate that we can quickly deliver water in large quantities (almost) anywhere with a wide variety of energy sources. We do this together with the RMI and EAS of the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and many other supporters.

Great news for Xploration Coastline! Next step in developing a living lab in the power-2-water value chain.

Interested to test & validate your tech in our modular & mobile micro-grid? Welcome to participate…

Nederland Maritiem Land actively supports joint, simultaneous and like-minded development of sustainable social solutions! With their MIIP instrument they support the implementation of a concrete feasibility study into the Living Lab Coastline Rotterdam.

Read more here: https://maritiemland.nl/miip001-livinglab-coastline-rotterdam/